Stivers is once again spreading Love in Atlanta

The Adaptive Learning Center is honored to be selected as the Hometown Charity for Stivers Decatur Subaru for the second year in a row. The funds raised through this remarkable event go directly to help support Special-Education teachers and programs which include children with special needs in preschool classrooms with their typically developing peers. While this is a direct benefit to the children with special needs, there is an even greater benefit to the whole school community.

Typically developing children are learning at an early age about individuals with some differences are really just like them. They want to learn and play and have friends too. By kids learning that differences don’t really make us different, they learn compassion and acceptance. This will make an impact in the entire school community as all are involved in supporting the children and families with special needs. The Adaptive Learning Center partners with 9 preschools around Atlanta reaching over 2000 children and families per year; with a message of inclusion, acceptance, compassion and LOVE for one and other.

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