For children with special needs, an inclusive preschool program provides belonging, acceptance and developmentally appropriate practices.

By not self-containing a special needs child, especially at this early age, it enables them to learn typical development skills directly from teachers and classmates.

And in turn, their classmates also understand that differences does not mean different.

Graduates of our Preschool Inclusion Program have gone on to attend these Atlanta Schools:

Atlanta Classical Academy

Cumberland Academy of Georgia

E. Rivers Elementary

East Side Elementary

Galloway School

Hess Academy

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

Lionheart School

MDE School

Morris Brandon Elementary

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

Mountain View Elementary

Murdock Elementary

Nickajack Elementary

Pace Academy

Sarah Smith Elementary

Sedalia Park Elementary

Sophia Academy

St, Luke’s Episcopal School

The Children’s School

The Hirsch Academy

The Howard School

The Lovett School

The Piedmont School of Atlanta

The Schenck School

The Speech School

The Westminster Schools

Toomer Elementary

Westside Charter School

Woodstock Elementary

Woodward Academy

If your child has been diagnosed, or you need help determining a behavioral issue, let’s talk.

The earlier we start, the more likely we are able to help your child.

Our Preschool Inclusion Program helps children diagnosed with

Behavioral Challenges
Cerebral Palsy
Developmental Delays
Down Syndrome

A peek inside our Preschool Inclusion Program

More than a simple teaching philosophy, the act of inclusion has shown incredible, noticeable and tangible results.


Early diagnosis.
Well worth it later.

Early diagnosis is crucial in terms of a child’s learning capacity and the ability to advance to a typical Kindergarten class. ALC’s screening process helps parents make sense of the child’s behaviors and challenges, guides intervention, helps identify critical support needs and ensures a child’s needs can be met in our Program.



ALC Inclusion Specialists are both highly skilled and professionally trained. Equally as important, we’re passionate and proud in the roles we serve. It’s this level of commitment and investment of time that produces noticeable growth, development, and for many a turnaround that’s nothing short of remarkable.


is powerful.

Support begins in the classroom but extends well beyond. For nearly 35 years we have provided a myriad of professional complimentary services to help family members understand and cope with issues relating to raising a child with special needs.


A community
of open arms.

You are not alone. The ALC community is supportive, close knit and welcoming. Many of the same challenges you and your child face are familiar and similar to countless families throughout Atlanta. Together, our families encourage each other with advice, recommendations and lifelong friendships.


Seek out
with confidence.

Finding the right help can often be part of the challenge. ALC has strategically partnered itself with specialists and services that understand our mission and compassionately work with you and your child with one goal — to help them excel.


Here to serve
all familes.

ALC offers Observation Services for children within partnering preschools who are not enrolled in our Program. We observe the student within the classroom and offer recommendations for therapies, diagnostic testing or support by an Inclusion Specialist.

ALC Inclusion in action

Following the screening and observational period, a customized Therapy Education Plan (TEP) is developed for each ALC student. Functional goals and objectives are defined to help the child progress.

Inclusion Specialists utilize strategies and intervention standards to meet each child’s needs. Email reports keep parents and therapists informed of the child’s progress. In addition, parents receive valuable guidance and support in planning the next steps to kindergarten and beyond.

• 90% of children with special needs achieved 80% of their therapy education goals and objectives

• 625+ Families served annually
in over 42 classrooms

• 85+ Childhood education teachers trained in Inclusion and identification each year

• 10,000+ Atlanta Families impacted for over 34 years