A Week is Not Long Enough to Show Our Appreciation

As we head into Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7th – 12th) and National Appreciation Day (May 9th), The Adaptive Learning Center would like to take the chance to thank each and every one of our Inclusion Specialists.  Our preschool inclusion program would not be possible without these individuals working together to help all of the children in our program.

Please take a moment this week to personal thank our staff, the teachers in our preschool partner schools and anyone in your life that is a teacher!


Lane Amstutz

Shakia Blake

Christy Brown

Tina Burgess

Laura Cape

Laura Catone

Bianca Chery

Emma Cutler

Carol Froula

Danielle Fur

Emily Ruas Garner

Shannon Gardner

Cecilia Giordano

Erin Grismore

Scot Gross

Stephanie Hendricks

Michelle Izenson

Mary Jenks

Ashunti Kirk

Mya Lee-Brooks

Holly Leeson

Pam Maniscalco

Brea Marsh

Ashley Martin

Erika McCraw

Brittany Norman

Amanda Orona

Tracie Ottman

Laurie Radziewicz

Shelby Rudd

Brianna Saur

Jenea Scott

Tiffany Sheppard

Andreea Somodean

Grant Troutman

Mary Rose White

Shauna Williams

Site Supervisors

Cynthia Boyd

Emma Cutler

Regena Ewing

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