Thoughts About “Looking Beyond the Autism Label”

The Adaptive Learning Center posted an article on our facebook page, “Looking Beyond the Autism Label.”  Executive Director, Charles Schoen, wanted to share his comments and help bring awareness to this issue in our community. 

After reading this article, it hit home why ALC is so important to the community in Atlanta. It is so important for people to understand that time is the enemy of Autism. It happens that professionals can be wrong in their diagnosis but therapy and early intervention are key to helping redirect the effects of Autism at an early age.

We see it all the time at The Adaptive Learning Center. Kids make amazing progress by starting with our program as early as 15 months in age. New parents don’t realize they are hurting their child by not digging in as soon as possible to find out information after a diagnosis or a potential one. Parents should seek multiple opinions and early therapy as an interceptor to the possibility of a diagnosis.

In our society, we don’t wait to get a disease and then take the vaccine. We receive vaccines to prevent the possibility of a disease. Early therapy is a sort of vaccine to Autism and, no it is not 100 percent or a guarantee, as it is so varied in how Autism presents itself but avoiding the potential diagnosis is dangerous.

As a parent of a special needs child and a member of the ALC team, I encourage you to jump in learn all you can. If you think you have a cold you might start vitamin C and some cold medicine to stop it early. You don’t wait to see how bad it gets to start. Do the same with Autism and learning disabilities.

If someone thinks your child MIGHT be showing signs then learn and do as much as you can to either head it off early or prove them wrong. Therapy will never hurt a child.

Should you wish to schedule a meeting with a member of The Adaptive Learning staff, please feel free to contact our office.

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