Adventures with Charlie

Take your kids on an adventure with “Charlie Goes to Waffle House” & help send children with special needs to Preschool!


The Adaptive Learning Center is partnering with almost 1500 Waffle House restaurants across the region to raise awareness about inclusion in our community!  Stop by your local waffle house for a warm meal and order your own copy of the Adventures with Charlie Series at

ALC’s Executive Director and Author of Adventures with Charlie, Charles Schoen, received an email last week from a former classmate of Charlie.  Read below and see the impact inclusion can have on our community.

“I was sitting in Waffle House, when I saw a very extraordinary flyer. I saw someone who I’ve never stopped thinking about. When I was young I use to go to a school called Woodland Elementary and I would go to the special ed classroom almost everyday to visit my friend, Charlie. I have a picture of us that I’ve kept safe for about 15 years. Charlie was a great soul and friend of mine and it was such a blessing to see him again on that flyer. It’s really amazing how some people come into your life and leave a lasting impact. I hope one day I can see him again and show him that picture of us eating cupcakes in his classroom!”


Purchase Your Copy of Adventures with Charlie Today!


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