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Adaptive Learning Center Sponsors & Contributors

Special thanks to our generous Supporters

Bright Wings Foundation
The Cross Foundation
Franklin Foundation
The Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation
Peter Hopkins Foundation
Mary Ryan & Henry G. Kuhrt Foundation
Ligon Foundation
Macy’s Foundation
The Rich Foundation
Leo Rose, Jr. and Charlotte Rose Family Supporting Foundation
Subaru of America Foundation, Inc.
Target Take Charge of Education
Thomas H. Lanier Family Foundation
Travelers Community Foundation
Wohl Family Foundation


In Honor of
Luke Thill
Michelle Wells


Donations made to the Susan K. Tauber Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Tauber


ALC Golf Tournament Sponsors
Alliance Realty Advisors
Alston & Bird
The Ligon Foundation
Nelson Mullins
US Bank & The Hord Family
Moet Hennessy
Stivers Decatur Subaru
Waffle House
Consilium Medical
The Erosion Company (TEC)

Presenting Sponsors
Stivers Decatur Subaru – Share the Love Campaign
Subaru of America – Share the Love Campaign


Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hereford


First Presbyterian Preschool of Atlanta
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hord
The Preschool at Peachtree Road United Methodist Preschool
Mr. Eric Ross
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Tauber
Waffle House


Alston & Bird, LLP
Ms. Diane Hord
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Means


Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dubow
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fugate
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Googe
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. David Henry
Laurie & John Hopkins Trust
Mrs. Anna Muir, Stella & Dot
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierce Owings
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Roush
The Schoen Family Charitable Fund
SEI Group
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Southerland /Wells Fargo
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Williams


Mr. Lawson Burnat
Darden’s Delights
The Linda and Bill Farr Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Feinstein
Mr. Gene Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Gilcreast
ING Charitable Giving Program
Jackson Healthcare
Ms. Lisa Kaeck
Ms. Jennifer Kovanis
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Levenson
Northbrook UMC Preschool
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perling
Mr. John Petrovski
Mr. and Mrs. David Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Tharpe
United Way Gifts in Kind Atlanta
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Skip Weiland
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wills
Mr. Keith Wood

Mr. and Dr. Justin Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. David Al-Khazraji
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Beatty
Mr. and Mrs. David Braver
Hombrich Berg, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Glover
Mr. Tom Hyatt
Mr. Joseph LeCompte
The Doctors Mehta
Mr. and Mrs. John Montgomery
Mr. Landon Morgan
Ms. Nancy Nadolski
Ms. Cornelia Wegener
Mr. and Mrs. Stan VanSant
Ms. Angela Yarbrough


Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Abes
Ms. Kay Adams
ADP Matching gifts fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jody Allen
Ms. Tracey Allums
Amazon Smiles
Mr. Al Battle
Mr. David Berman
Mr. Jerome Blumenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brannon
Mr. and Mrs. David Brinsfield
Mr. Steve Brooks
Mr. Michael Burton
Dr. and Mrs. William Cabot
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Claussen
Mr. and Mrs. James Clemo
Mr. Stanley Cohen
Ms. Claire Coles
Mr. and Mrs. William Connell
Ms. Lizette Dunay
Ms. Susan Effgen
Mr. Jimmy Fluker
Mr. and Mrs. James Frank
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Greenhood
Mr. and Mrs. John Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Henry
Ms. Etta Raye Hirsch
Ms. Dianne Isakson
Mr. and Mrs. David Kochamba
Mr. Jerry Kollman
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Leeson
Mr. and Mrs. John Lindsley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Manfredonia
Mr. and Mrs. John Nieves
Mr. Robert Pavloff
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Polikov
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powell, Sr.
Ms. Franceen Rottenberg
Mr. Frederick Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sonenshine
Mr. and Mrs. Meade Stone
Target Take Charge of Education
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas
Mr. Louis Taratoot
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Waits
Ms. Debbie Ward
Ms. Michelle Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wolfson
Mr. Page Woodall
Ms. Mary Katherine White
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wright


Ms. Chenay Alexander
Ms. Raye Lynn Bank
Ms. Robyn Berger
Ms. Elaine Blumenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Braverman
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Breen
Mr. Ronald Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen-Greenberg
Dr. Claire Coles
Ms. Bonny Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Firestone
Ms. Peggy Gallagher
Ms. Erin Gannon
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Goldstein
Ms. Lauren Gomes
Mr. Joseph Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Magid
Mr. and Mrs. Raj Nichani
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Paulk
Mr. William Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Saunders
Ms. Lisa Schindler
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
Ms. Julie Ward
Ms. Diane White