As our organization continues to evolve, we are making a few changes as we pursue our mission of inclusion.


Over the last few years we have worked diligently with our partnering organizations to establish the Inclusion Consultant model, allowing us to serve more families, students and classrooms. This model removes financial obligation from the family, creating opportunity for students to receive specialized services in preschool who otherwise would not have access. This also allows us to share critical information with teachers, administrators and families in order to better understand their students’ needs and development. Our consultants create positive change in many classrooms at once, allowing us to exponentially improve outcomes for the students we directly and indirectly serve. 


Now that we understand the success and potential impact of this model, we have decided to shift the focus of our program to support the growth of the Inclusion Consultant model. Our private model created new pathways for hundreds of students and families and we are forever proud of its impact. Each year, our private model also taught us the critical importance of creating services that are financially feasible for families.


With this understanding, for the 2024-2025 school year, we will be offering private placements to currently enrolled students only and will begin to phase out the self-pay model.


This means we will no longer be accepting NEW family registrations or intakes. If you are currently enrolled in our private ALC Inclusion program with intent to return next year, your programming will NOT be impacted in any way by this update.


This will allow us to offer more resources, training and support to our Consultant’s in the field serving caseloads of students, creating endless new opportunities for students living in at-risk communities.


Graduates of our Preschool Inclusion Program have gone on to attend these Atlanta schools:

Atlanta Classical Academy

Cumberland Academy of Georgia

E. Rivers Elementary

East Side Elementary

Galloway School

Hess Academy

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

Lionheart School

MDE School

Morris Brandon Elementary

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

Mountain View Elementary

Murdock Elementary

Nickajack Elementary

Pace Academy

Sarah Smith Elementary

Sedalia Park Elementary

Sophia Academy

St, Luke’s Episcopal School

The Children’s School

The Hirsch Academy

The Howard School

The Lovett School

The Piedmont School of Atlanta

The Schenck School

The Speech School

The Westminster Schools

Toomer Elementary

Westside Charter School

Woodstock Elementary

Woodward Academy

The ALC Preschool Inclusion Program provides

Support services

that help family members understand and cope with issues related to raising a child with special needs.


to help communities build resources which foster acceptance and support for those with  differences.

Early identification

of those children that are at risk of learning and behavior issues within the classroom.

Resources and referrals

for ALC families, even those not enrolled in the program.

Training and support

for teachers so they can recognize signs of developmental delays in classrooms.

Stay Included!

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