It’s not about being different.

It’s about being more alike.

The Adaptive Learning Center enables children with special needs to learn, play and grow with other students in preschool classrooms.

In fact, 85% of ALC’s children advance to a typical Kindergarten class with a positive attitude towards themselves.

Without question, your child will be better prepared to move forward.

So will you. For days, months and years ahead.

The ALC Preschool Inclusion Program provides

Support services

that help family members understand and cope with issues related to raising a child with special needs.


to help communities build resources which foster acceptance and support for those with  differences.

Early identification

of those children that are at risk of learning and behavior issues within the classroom.

Resources and referrals

for ALC families, even those not enrolled in the program.

Training and support

for teachers so they can recognize signs of developmental delays in classrooms.

Stay Included!

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