Meet Charlie & Sam

This is how they became lifelong friends at The Adaptive Learning Center

Sam’s Mom:

My son was a member of an Inclusive Preschool class and began telling me about Charlie, a special classmate.

I spoke with his teachers and they excitedly told me about Sam & Charlie’s friendship.

“I was proud of my son for being so kind and accepting.

I wanted Charlie’s parents to know how much their son had taught Sam, so I called to arrange a playdate.”

Charlie’s Mom:

When I heard the message I couldn’t hold back the tears. A PLAYDATE for Charlie!

The boys had a great time and remained friends throughout the year.

“Then, at graduation, Charlie began to cross the stage with his walker and became distracted.

Sam urged Charlie to come get his diploma. And he did.

There weren’t many dry eyes in the room that day.”

How wonderful the world would be if all children could learn that kind of acceptance.

It’s the most important lesson ALC teaches.

Charlie & Sam remain friends to this day

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Our “Include All Kids” Program enables children with special needs to learn, play and grow with typical students in Preschool classrooms.

And in turn, their classmates also understand that differences does not mean different.

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