The Adaptive Learning Center Can Help with Early Intervention

One in five people has a learning disability and autism is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.  Click here to learn more.

Early diagnosis is crucial in terms of a child’s learning capacity and the ability to advance to a typical Kindergarten class. ALC’s screening process helps parents make sense of the child’s behaviors and challenges, guides intervention, helps identify critical support needs and ensures a child’s needs can be met in our Program.

Following the screening and observational period, a customized Therapy Education Plan (TEP) is developed for each ALC student. Functional goals and objectives are defined to help the child progress.

Inclusion Specialists utilize strategies and intervention standards to meet each child’s needs. Email reports keep parents and therapists informed of the child’s progress. In addition, parents receive valuable guidance and support in planning the next steps to kindergarten and beyond.

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The Adaptive Learning Center is grateful for all of our families, as well as the preschool partners, who allow us to work with the communities they serve.  Help us raise $40,000 in 40 days to make a bigger impact in our community.


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